Every ending has a middle?

I haven’t had much time to work either on the current draft of my novel or on blog posts, for, as you can see, two years. I got a job at the post office two years ago, but it was part time, so I had to keep my other job, too. I worked two jobs with very few days off for six months, then went straight to a different second job, then started a new full-time job and kept my old job as a part-time job, and only quit my part-time job the day before I started back to school full time (while also still working full-time at my new job).

On the bright side, I changed my major to English with a concentration in Professional Writing. I hope to become an editor somewhere, but I also hoped to learn things that might be helpful to me in editing my novel. And, I have. My commas and semi-colons are on point now, guys.

On the even brighter side, it’s now summer break, which means I have more free time than I have in two years, and I’m hard at work on finishing the fourth draft (almost done) and starting the fifth draft of How Their Story Became My Story.

The end really is in sight, and I’m so excited to have time to plug away on this project that is currently eight years in the making.